5th Annual Kingdom Advance Conference


We hope that you can join us for the 5th Annual Kingdom Advance Conference! This year, we will be hosting it again in Calgary with Southside Victory Church! We believe that this will be a gathering of great expansion, as we walk in humility and dependency on the Lord – A convergence of apostolic and prophetic leadership that will release a demonstration of kingdom order and authority.  Through kingdom alignment our tent pegs will be expanded and our stakes strengthened, in preparation for a new day of His power and glory.



Bobby Conner

BobbyFor almost five decades, Bobby Conner has been ministering around the world as a seasoned prophet of God. Bobby is uniquely anointed with a profound, passionate love for the Lord Jesus Christ and a fervent desire to discern and herald God’s voice to prepare the Lamb’s Bride to establish the Kingdom of God. Specifically, Bobby is called to sound the alarm and awaken the warriors to arise and contend for the true faith.

Bobby’s prophetic words—life-changing encouragement and exhortation for individuals, churches, regions and nations—are documented world-over for their precision, accuracy, humor and transformational power. Supernatural demonstrations of the miraculous, including physical and emotional healings, deliverances, signs and wonders, follow Bobby’s prophetic ministry wherever he goes, revealing the loving heart of our Father God, glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ, and establishing believers in their destiny, gifting’s and identity.

Having survived a failed abortion attempt and rescued by the hand of God from drug dealing and suicide, Bobby Conner lives in close, abiding intimacy with the Spirit of God and follows heaven’s mandate to set the captives free by imparting anointed revelation to the Body of Christ. Bobby is beloved throughout the world, honored not only for his extreme sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, but also for his vast knowledge of Scripture: Bobby’s messages are comprised almost exclusively of Bible verses, explicated with fresh revelation—a “now” Word from God—and with a depth of wisdom and insight resulting from decades of study and friendship with God. Highly esteemed as an international prophet and conference speaker, Bobby has ministered in more than 50 countries, as well as throughout the United States (speaking, on average, five times per week for more than four decades).

Bobby served as a Southern Baptist pastor for 27 years with his beloved wife Carolyn. Together they then founded Eagles View Ministries, a global ministry mandated to establish the Kingdom of God through the demonstration of God’s power (1 Corinthians 2:1-5) and also called to empower and equip the Body of Christ to take dominion. Bobby and Carolyn strive to raise up an overcoming generation (transcending age and gender) by boldly proclaiming God’s highest standards of purity and Christ’s resurrection power—the keys to the transformation of nations.

Bobby and Carolyn have been married for 50 years and have two sons, and five grandchildren. Bobby is the author of numerous books, each inspired by divine revelation and each written with a burning passion to spread the uncompromised message of the Kingdom of God to every nation.





Marcel Preston

(Thursday Night Only)


Marcel Preston is a worship leader based in Toronto, Ontario.  Along with a passion for worship, Marcel & Ruth Pastor a church downtown Toronto.    Their first album together “Unfailing Love” was released in 2013, featuring congregational and expressive worship.   Also having a heart for ministry focused music, Marcel collaborated with Jonathan Clarke in recording “Here is Love” a live soaking album filled with spontaneous worship and ministry moments.  (Named 2014 Instrumental Here is Love Gospel Album of the year at the GMA Covenant Awards)  Following that release, Marcel Collaborated again with his wife Ruth to release another live soaking album  “Living Waters” released in 2015 which was recorded live during a soaking ministry session for leaders from across the world.  (named 2016 Worship Album Of The Year at the GMA awards). Marcel also writes music and tours with his band Sky Terminal, with a mission for outreach events and creating music to express relationship with God to the world.









Held at: Southside Victory Church
6402 1A St. S.W., Calgary, AB, T2H 0G6


April 27th
Session 1: 7:00 PM – Bobby Conner (Worship with Marcel Preston)

April 28th:
Session 2: 10:00 AM – Jonathan Nash
Afternoon Session: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM –  Personal Healing Ministry
Session 3: 7:00 PM – Bobby Conner

April 29th:
Session 4: 10:00 AM – Q&A Session with Bobby Conner
Session 5: 2:00 PM – Craig Buroker
Session 6: 7:00 PM – Bobby Conner


There will be a Nursery room available throughout the entire Conference.



9030 Macleod Trail South, Calgary Alberta, Canada T2H 0M4